After looking back at my last post in regards to my roofing problem, I wonder if even I would be willing to totally give up the amazing life that I have here in order to help others in need. Let’s face it, we have it absolutely amazing here in America. Although we do face the

Open Discussion

Every time the whole topic about allowing refugees into our country I am asked what I think would be the most viable solution to this problem. I have to be completely honest here and say that I really don’t know or have any real answers for this question. It is very loaded and there is

No Where Else To Go

Back during the time when I was working with ECRE, the situation and circumstances that were forcing the Roma people flee to their neighboring European countries were slightly different than what we are seeing the Syrian people have to endure today. Although they weren’t facing an all out war around them, they were receiving very

Understanding the Other Side

When we look at the situation surrounding Syria and the refugees that are fleeing to Europe and America, I do understand the fear that is coming over those who are opposed to welcoming these victims with open arms. On Guard We here in America have been very shook since the very horrific and devastating attacks