I Am Guilty Too

I think it is pretty safe to say that there are a lot of things that we here in America spend our time and money on that could probably be better spent else where. I kind of sound and feel like I might be a little bit hypocritical with some of what I am talking about on here but I am at least realistic and honest about everything. Aside from attempting to bring everything to light and trying to get a discussion going, I haven’t been that pro-active as far as trying to help the Syrian refugees like I did with the Roma people many years ago and could probably be using my time and money to help the cause.

Being Realistic

Remember how I had shingles basically deteriorating from my roof? Well the problem got worse and even though I have been using my page as a place to make people more appreciative for the things that they have and to not take things for granted, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed and found myself filling up with anger about the whole situation.

While I am worried about finding professional roofers in Bixby, OK and spending a few hundred bucks in repair work, there are thousands of people around the world who are worried about finding their next meal. If any of these poor people knew that I was spending so much time and energy on searching for inexpensive home additions they would be disgusted with me and shocked that I am not thankful for what I have.

I am not asking any of you to change your entire way of living like I have done in my past, but I think just acknowledging what is going on is a huge step in the right direction. Instead of me worrying about not knowing how to replace asphalt on my roof I could be using this time and money to help make life a little bit easier for those less fortunate.

We are all human and take things for granted, but awareness is the first step in solving any problem.


It is hard to imagine and actually picture yourself being in both the Roma and Syrian people who are seeking homes in other countries. I think a lot of people simply don’t want to know about what is going on and prefer to not acknowledge the atrocities that are going on every day and continue living their lives.

In a very weird way, I can’t help but feel a sense of jealousy to people who feel this way and for very selfish reasons wish I could do the same.

Try to Empathize

romaJust like taking things for granted, no one likes seeing the misfortunes of others and it isn’t fun for anyone to acknowledge what is going on and actually address what is happening. But this does not change the fact that it is actually happening and for thousands of people this is their life every single day.

I feel that if more people were actually subjected to witness what is happening or to see actual footage of the devastation and destruction that is happening in Syria, more people would understand how urgent this situation has become.

This is why I want to encourage anyone out there reading this to take some time and look at some of the realities that these poor victims are having to face every day and to try and put you and your family in their shoes.