The Roma

There seems to be a trend happening more and more often around the world and it is something that people have very strong opinions and feelings for in both directions. Many years ago, I was involved with ECRE (The European Committee on Romani Emancipation) in Brussels, Belgium which was a committee focused onĀ improving the conditions and the immigration of Roma (Gypsies) within the European Union.

Split Sides

There were very strong opinions on both sides of this topic, where many were very welcoming with open arms and would do anything to try and make living conditions the best they could, while others were very opposed to any sort of immigration from them and wanted to do anything they could to try and close off the borders and deny any sort of help to these poor people.

Similar Circumstances

I am no longer a part of the great organization that is ECRE and currently live in the United States. I think the work I did in the past with helping Roma immigrants is relevant now because of the Syrian Refuge debate that is going on here in America and is a big reason I decided to create this page again.

Although the situations and reasons for the immigration from Roma in the past and the Syrian Refuges today are very different, I still hold my position that we should be welcoming these poor people with open arms and those who oppose these practices have not seen some of the horror that I have.

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