After looking back at my last post in regards to my roofing problem, I wonder if even I would be willing to totally give up the amazing life that I have here in order to help others in need. Let’s face it, we have it absolutely amazing here in America. Although we do face the threat of terror on some level every day, I don’t think it really affects our every day way of life for the most part and when you compare it to the other groups of people around the world who live in fear every second of their days.

Not Enough People

geeWhen we sit around and try to think of and offer solutions to what we can do with refugees and others who are in need, I genuinely don’t believe there are enough people around the world who are willing to give up their ways of living in order to try and help others. All of that is considering the fact that any sacrifices we make are at absolutely no guarantee that they will help anyone. There are not many people who are willing to sacrifice and even risk any aspect of their own life in order to try and help others.

Click here to check out the Wikipedia page on refugees and just think about the numbers and severity of challenges so many people around the world face.

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