No Where Else To Go

Back during the time when I was working with ECRE, the situation and circumstances that were forcing the Roma people flee to their neighboring European countries were slightly different than what we are seeing the Syrian people have to endure today.

Although they weren’t facing an all out war around them, they were receiving very large and severe amounts of hate from others and were looked down upon as less than human in a lot of cases. Others saw them as dirty, poor, and different and were extremely discriminated against and often killed for no other reason than being “Gypsies.”

Where to Run to?

In the grand scheme of things, the world is not that big of a place. When groups of people like the Syrians and Romas are being oppressed and killed by such large amounts of people around them, they really don’t have many options in regards what to do or where to go.

gypsiekidsThink for a second about having to pack up your bags and move to a different country because you, your family, and everyone you know and love are being targeted and killed by the government or mass groups of people around you.

Where would you go? What would you do?

Now imagine that you have been traveling and fleeing for months and have finally reached to where you have been going this whole time. You are excited and relieved to have lived to see this day. But when you finally get there, you are faced with harsh discrimination and hate from the people of that country and are told you cannot live there.

This is what has been going on for years and what is happening now. Where are these people supposed to go?

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