We Have it Alright

A common theme that I have seen in both my home country, here in America, and all over the world for that matter is that we don’t stop to appreciate the things we have as often as we really should. There are so many things that each and everyone one of us take for granted on a daily basis and it really does unfortunately causes us to lose a bit of perspective, especially in regards to allowing refugees and other cultures into ours.

Be Grateful Every Day

Last week was actually a perfect situation that happened to me which tie in perfectly to people not being grateful for the things they have in their lives.

repairSo I have lived in the same house for the entire duration that I have been living here in America and during this time I have really not really had to spend much money on any kind of home improvements or other things that a lot of others have to deal with. Well that changed last week when I noticed the shingles starting to peel off from a section of the roof on my house.

Now at first, I was very upset because I know that any kind of roof repair or construction work is not cheap and that I was finally going to have to spend some money that I did not want to. Then after sitting back and thinking about a lot of what I have been talking about on here, I realized how insignificant my worries really were and felt ashamed that there are people dying every day and looking for a place to live while I am here moaning about a few hundred dollars.

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