Understanding the Other Side

When we look at the situation surrounding Syria and the refugees that are fleeing to Europe and America, I do understand the fear that is coming over those who are opposed to welcoming these victims with open arms.

On Guard

terrorWe here in America have been very shook since the very horrific and devastating attacks on September 11 and for a lot of people, this is enough to completely justify denying anyone trying to seek a new home in this amazing country.

You cannot be too safe when we are talking about the subject of falling victim to another terrorist attack and many feel that there is the possibility that these terrorists very well may try and enter the United States under the guise of a Syrian refugee. The possibility of just 1 slipping through the cracks is a scary enough thought to close the doors to everybody for a lot of people in this country.

Although I genuinely do understand these concerns and think that they are very valid, I do not feel like they are enough to completely shut out the rest of the world from some of the horrors that are going on. I kind of feel that if we do this, the terrorists are winning a small battle in a sort of way. Their ultimate goal is to destroy us and our way of living, but I think cowering in fear and changing the way we look at others in the world can be counted as a small victory for them.



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